Sunday, January 25, 2015

Well this week we had the hermana that we just baptized a couple weeks ago, walk around the city with us and she gave us a ton of positive references. And other members have gotten involved in missionary work here. So we hit up one of the contacts and they were catholic but realized that the church wasn’t the right one for them so they wanted to talk to us. We taught them the restoration and it was a really spiritual lesson. I’m starting to teach a little more in the lessons too, I can pretty much understand 80% but the speak a lot differently and it’s still kinda hard to comprehend much and they don’t pronounce a lot of letters but I’m getting adjusted with it and it feels awesome teaching. Everyone on the street goes “aye cheles” cause me and my comp are both white and they look stunned when we talk back to them in Spanish. The only words they know are really bad words so we teach them good words haha. It’s pretty funny though and the kids love us. So on new year’s here a ton of people get drunk and they non drunks make stuffed ¨bolos¨ (drunks) and hang the from power lines to mock them which is pretty funny and then they burn them at midnight. Everyone in the streets that night was telling us to go home in a nice way cause its really dangerous for white people that night I guess. But today I was able to go with my comp to a huge market where they sell pretty much everything and it was awesome cause I was finally able to buy a Nicaraguan bag and a Shirt!! I love the Nicaraguans. I know I was truly called here by a prophet of God. I feel so much love for these people it’s crazy. Teaching them and bringing them unto Christ is a great privilege and honor. This Gospel is true and I know without a doubt. I challenge everyone to bring a friend to church this week and if you’re not a member, come to church! Love yall! :P

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