Sunday, January 25, 2015

Well the weeks just get better and better here!! Not many people are home though during Christmas, they’re all either at the Beach or drunk trying to ask us to teach them about the gospel... They celebrate Christmas on the 24th which was a little different but I guess a lot of Latin American countries do too, all the elders in our ward got together for dinner which was pretty neat! And when we were sleeping at 12pm we both jumped out of bed cause there was a Bachinall going on all over the city. It’s like a crazy party with a lot of fireworks and craziness. We peeked out of the door and it was allll hazed from smoke and you could see people running with sparklers and all haha. It was pretty funny too cause the bishop wanted us to come have dinner with him at crazy right? Not here though lol. Apparently New Year’s Eve is even crazier so I guess ill find out! Christmas here was like walking around in a Ghost city... we had about all of our appts dropped cause no one was home. Butttt, I GOT TO SKYPE. Felt awesome to see the family again and some awesome friends!! I was able to somewhat take a family picture too! But I love my family a lot so it was a big uplifting feeling to see them. :) I’ve been focusing my studies a lot too more on the Book of Mormon and also reading ¨Jesus the Christ¨ and challenge all to read both cause they teach you more than you can imagine!! But we were supposed to have a baptism this past week but unfortunately that fell through, so hopefully in the near future things will work out. Work during this week has been really slow and a little depressing. Our message is the most important message and no one seems home to share it with so this week we’ve made it our goal to have at least 10 street contacts a day to have new investigators. My companion has been pretty sick these past two days and we’ve been confined to the house but tomorrow were gonna come rushing out those front doors to find those who are ready to hear of this Gospel!! I Love you all!! And hope that you’re doing well! Stay safe and smart! Oh and Nutella is about 15 bucks here!!! Love all!!

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