Friday, February 6, 2015

Well the weeks seem to be going by faster and faster! There were 13 changes in my zone and we received como 5 new missionaries from central America and there super cool. But this week we've been making our goal 20 contacts a day and we usually get really close to it, which is really good. We placed a fecha this week for a family of 2 and also we placed a fecha with a man on the first lesson. We've been trying to place fechas for baptism anytime we can to help find those who are ready. But we've been working our butts off preparing things to have a successful February and so far things are looking great. My comp and I are doing great things with the help of the Lord down here in Nicaragua. He is the DL too now so he gets to have more opportunities to serve others now too lol. But nothing tooo interesting happened this week. We had a lot of spiritual lessons though and that’s what it’s really about though right? I love you all and can’t wait to talk to y'all next week! stay safe. and read Alma 37:35 to the end. with faith, we can go where we need to go. I love you all!

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