Saturday, November 29, 2014

Well this time I brought my journal with me so I can actually remember what happened this week haha, all the days tend to mesh together at the MTC. BUT this week I got to hear from some awesome people! So I’ll start off from Saturday. Saturday: Nothing really happened Saturdays, but we were teaching one of my teachers and I had a really spiritual connection and talked for a while with him about things and it was just an awesome experience cause I was talking about things I hadn’t prepared at all to talk about in Spanish. Sunday: Sundays are always peaceful here. During sacrament meeting though they pick 2-3 of us in the Branch to stand up and give a it’s always nerve-wracking during the meeting because we don’t know who'll be talking haha. But it was also a district's last Sunday here which always bites to see districts leave but it’s also good to know that they’re all going to their respective fields. They all went to the Mexico Saltio Mission except for one elder who went to Chicago, Spanish speaking. This week another district will be leaving too, which means it’ll only be my little district here for about a day and a half cause next Wednesday we get 2 new districts!!!! So excited! were still the newest district in my zone because no one new has come in. (One of the cool things about being a Zone Leader too, is that we get to welcome them their first night here and get to know them and give them a tour!). Monday: Taught another of our teachers about how she can be forgiven and become closer to God. Then we taught our last TRC with Alan! Imma miss him, I took a picture with him and my companion that ill either send on here, or have it posted on the blog. Tuesday: We taught one of our teachers about the Apostasy & restoration of the gospel by Joseph Smith. For our Tuesday night Devotional We had Elder Dallin H. Oaks (Quorum of the 12 Apostles) come and speak with us along with his wife. They gave us advice on how to be better missionaries and the importance of focusing on others. After the devotional my companion and I took the Sister Training leader with us to a training meeting to get ready for our Thanksgiving activities on Thursday! But it was so cool to hear from an apostle and to be about 20 feet from him! Wednesday: Us zone leaders had more training meetings to prepare for Thanksgiving Day! Funny story there though. So our project for Thanksgiving was we were making these soup kits for those in need here in Utah. And they were teaching us how to man a team to prepare the packets. Each team had 12 people all with vital parts. So the instructor was explaining all the roles of the different positions and I kinda zoned out, and she asked me to explain all the different positions in front of everyone, and the MTC Presidency's first counselor’s wife was right behind me, I kinda messed up the positions at first but then I smooth sailed the rest! I guess I can’t zone out anywhere here haha. I also got another nice package from home!! In it were my camera batteries so guess what?? I can take pictures now!! So be prepared! I also got my Race For Lace T-shirt!! Woohooo! I repped it today around campus since its pday and everyone was asking about it, so there’s a ton of people here that know about Race for Lace and its Cause (Thanks Jeri!) and lots of letters from the Fam! Thursday: THANKSGIVINGGG= NO CLASSSS woot woot. Started the day off with a Devotional and guess who was the guest speaker... Elder David Bednar, also of the quorum of the 12! (and one of my personal favorites). He came with a lot of cell phones which he passed around and had us text questions to his iPad and it was pretty much a Q&A session which was really neat and fun! my questions didn’t get answered by him however but he said those whose questions didn’t get answered that we need to pray about it and search the Book of Mormon (I agree with him cause that’s where all answers are I believe) a key note I took from him was this " We have 2 years to serve the Lord, and the rest of our lives to ponder on how we served" also " We will go from being full time missionaries, to being lifelong missionaries after. Then we had an unusual devotional and after that an awesome Thanksgiving lunch (dinner stunk because it was a brown bag meal with not so good sandwiches) and then our service project!! My table boxed up 17 .5 boxes! With 48 bags of meals in each! And then after that we watched Meet the Mormons!!! AWESOME movie!! Go see it! I can’t wait to talk to yall next week! Don’t forget to email/ write me! I’ve got just over a week left in the US!! Also I got my travel itinerary!! I leave Provo at 6am, Fly from Salt Lake City to ATL, From ATL to Managua Nicaragua and arrive at 9pm!!! The journey will begin December 9th!!! I love yalll!! Talk to you in a week!! Oh and check out my blog!

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