Sunday, December 7, 2014

Well this week has been intense because they're making sure were all prepared to depart! 6 weeks has sure gone by fast here, it’s ridiculous... So we lost a district this week, but Wednesday we gained a district too, feels good to finally not be the newbies in our zone ( after 6 weeks of being the newbies). I got to stay with 2 Elders and miss class with them because they were departing that day and they left at different times so I had to be the companion for the other when the first one left. They were some awesome elders! They went to Ecuador and the other to Paraguay! I really miss the other district cause we were all so close to them! They are awesome missionaries and I know will bring many unto Christ with their love. Nothing much really happened the rest of the week, same old class class class and a little sleep and food in between! So Wednesday night I had one of my friends here from Haiti who’s learning English (he speaks 5 languages) teach me the 1st lesson in English. I think that was one of the most spiritual experiences I’ve had. It’s amazing how much language is learned here and how much the spirit is actually involved in lessons. He speaks Spanish and so he always helps me with my Spanish and I help him with his English, has an awesome elder, my district and I bring him a lot of foods that we get from care packages because he hasn't received anything from his family and it’s pretty sad, so we made him into our family here along with the other elders in his room, one is a Spaniard whose pretty awesome too who helps me with my Spanish and I help his English! It’s a brotherhood here and an amazing environment. also that night I went to go brush my teeth in the bathroom (big bathroom for half the whole floor) and there was one of the elders from a Micronesian Island who was washing his socks in the bathroom sink and I asked him if he didn't like washing them in the washing machine, I couldn't understand him much cause he was just starting to learn English, and he said he only had 6 pairs of socks and I just felt really down about that cause on a good day here you go through 1 pair of socks and he didn’t even have enough to last him from P-day to P-day. At the MTC we learn how to teach people, and serve people. I saw this Elder needed help, so I couldn't resist. I go into my room and talk to my elders for a minute, and come went back to the bathroom with another elder in my room, with 4 new pairs of nice socks to give to the elder. He wouldn't accept them at first but after we kept insisting, he accepted them and gave us a big hug. I love finding ways to help those who need help, even if they're too prideful to accept at first, we should try to help. I challenge everyone this week to find at least 1 person to randomly help. If you do that, you’ll feel that amazing feeling I felt when I saw the smile on his face from something so small, socks. We are here to help others. As a missionary, we are 24/7 servants of the Lord, constantly finding ways to bring his love to everyone. I can’t wait for Tuesday to get to NICARAGUAAAAAA! I fly out from Salt Lake City at 11:18 AM local time, arrive in Atlanta at 4:50 pm, Fly out of ATL at 5:55pm  and Get to Managua, Nicaragua at 8:43pm! The journey is beginning! I can’t wait to begin bringing others unto Christ and allowing them to fell the happiness that God and Christ have for us. Yesterday we had In-Field orientation which is an all day class to prepare us for the Field! Well my time is running out so I gotta go! I love you all! Also if you send any more letters make sure it’s to my Nicaragua address! Sorry if you have to pay for customs or postage, but I love to hear from yall! If you send dear elders to me just click the NICARAGUA MANAGUA NORTH MISSION this time instead of Provo MTC!!! I love yall! The Nicaraguans will definitely hear of my amazing family and friends! Also check out this awesome video about Christ, “He is the Gift", I love it and hope you do too! Hasta luego!

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