Friday, November 21, 2014

Well this week has been yet another interesting week! But like always, lots of spanish and little sleep. Im starting to get used to not much sleep now haha. But my spanish is getting pretty awesome now and gets better every day! Miracles happen here at the MTC. On Tuesday we were teaching in TRC and i felt prompted to invite Alan to be baptized and he said YES! But like i said a few weeks ago, im pretty sure hes an actual member. And so later in the seek we talked to him about obedience and all of that good stuff and next lesson were going to talk about a commandment or 2 with him. Other than that we've been teaching more lessons and learning mas espanol. I got my 1st package this past saturday too! talk about a bittersweet moment. the little ones all made special letters and christian made a little "envelope" for his letter and i also got little goodies from the family. Wednesday was a tough day for everyone here and after class i just went to the room, went through all the letters and felt a little homesick, but extremely comforted at the same time. This week weve focused alot on "How does Christ help me & see me?" & "How can I speak, think and act more like the savior?"  Christ has done more for us than we can imagine. Because of Christ, I can return to live with my Father in Heaven, You can live to return with our Father in Heaven, We ALL have the opportunity to return to live with our father in Heaven. As a missionary, we stand right beside Jesus Christ, and we stand here proudly and honorably. I love this opportunity i have to stand beside my Savior. To help ease his burdens. I cant wait to get out in the field in Nicaragua and find that person who God has been preparing to hear this message of the Gospel from me. I heard someone say to us this week say that we were called to speak spanish for our mission because thats the language we teach the gospel best in. Its hard to believe that now, but maybe ill look back soon and realize what he said was right. My district has made considerable progress in our langauge here. With faith in Heavenly Father, he will help us have the Gift of tongues by the Holy Ghost. I love it here, minus some issues with the food... Wednesday i got to be a Host for new missionaries and it was an amazing experience! to be that first person to welcome someone to the MTC after they leave out from under Mommas wings lol. I hosted 4 Elders and gave them individually a little tour and then dropped them off at class. Neat Experience! Well time to go! keep up the letters! i love them and all of you all! I cant think of much to say else, I got a really nice journal though that ive been using but i forgot it in my room, ill bring it next week so this email will be more detailed haha. Also on thanksgiving its a day of service here and a higher General Authority in the church will be here! this past week we had Sister Burton ( General Relief Society President) and someone else come for our devotionals! Love you guys! cant wait for next week! also no pics this week :/ Amanda will update my blog with some pictures she got from me this week so check it out!

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