Sunday, November 9, 2014

 Fri, Nov 7, 2014
So this week has been alot more studying and lessons as usual. Ive probably taught at least 1 lesson a day minus sunday to investigators but im not complaining because its very beneficial and it teaches us to connnect with others and follow the spirit. Sunday night we had a nice devotional by a member of the 1st seventy which was pretty cool, Elder Goldan. Hes south african and pretty cool, he had an important message also! Sorry again for all the typos/grammer problems but in 2 years ill have spell check again :P. Monday was basically a normal day (8-10 hours in the class room) But my spanish understanding is ALOT better. El Don de Lenguas es reál. Teaching is still a little difficult, still using a smnall script but making myself and my companion rely on the spirit more. Tuesday morning we walked to the Marriot center and joined some BYU students for a special devotional by another member of the 1st quorum of the 70 David F. Evans, which was pretty sweet! then after that we went back to the  normal 3-4 hour long sessions in class.. which isnt as bad as it seems because alot of learning is done. Tuesday Night Sister Nelson ( wife of Elder Nelson of quorum of the 12) talked to us and it was really neat. Everyone tends to hit on the importance of missionaries and our purpose and it just reiterates our importance of inviting others to come unto Christ. Food is great here. People are great here. Just about everything is great here. Alot of opportunities to be selfless. My Branch Presidency is pretty much our adopted parents, they all give us elders hugs when they see us and their wives give the sisters hugs whenever they see them too! And I learned ill be having more responsibilities which ill tell yall about next friday!Tuesday we also had to wake up early and be in service clothes at one of the buildings on campus at 6:15 to clean it for 75 minutes. Wednesday we had 11 hours in class and taught our "investigator"(our new 2nd teacher). Missionaries Eat, Sleep, Study in spanish, Teach in Spanish, and somewhere in between there we have 50 minutes to workout( I usually go out to play volleyball with poeple)  Yesterday my companion and i taught our TRC investigator ( 60% chance theyre an actual investigator). His name is Alan and hes awesome! hes a student at BYU studying IT. But we read him the last 2 paragraphs in the introduction for the book of mormon and briefly talked about it and the restoration. we also had early morning service also! Today is the day that everyone in my zone looks forward to because its PDAYYYYYY. Started off my day by going to the temple and after that was able to grab some food in the basement caferteria. TEMPLE FOOD IS AMAZING fyi.. then we did laundry. I had to teach all the elders how to do laundry. Man if only they had a mom like mine that taught/made me do laundry haha. then we went to the outdoor sand volleyball field and played some volleyball, and HERE I AM! I love and miss you all! But i just wanted to bear my testimony before i leave! Yo se que la iglesia esmuy veredaro, yo se que el evangelio de jesucristo bencides nuestro vivas. The spirit is very strong here at the MTC. Every day i learn more and i feel more of the spirit. This church is true. This is Christs Church. En el nombre de Jesucristo, Amen.

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