Friday, November 14, 2014

Well this week has been alot like the rest. Tired, mind blown by all the Spanish, and always spiritual. Nothing really happened Saturday cause i was in class for 10 hours. Sunday was bittersweet, It was one of the Zones last sunday because they were leaving to start their missions in Mexico! But my companion and i took the new assignment of becoming Zone Leaders. Lots more responsibilities but we also have a cell phone now! Even though it can only call security and the front desk and our Branch Presidents home/cell, but i have technology again!!!! Every Sunday we take a walk to temple as a zone and its so peaceful. We also had a Devotional where Bishop Davies spoke at ( 2nd Counselor in Presiding Bishopric) But i forgot my notes in my room about his talk. Lo siento. Monday we were supposed to teach one of our Teacher (she role plays as a lady named Areli) but right after we were about to, she got a call saying her grandfather had passed so we didnt end up teaching her. But later in the afternoon we taught our TRC investigator Alan another lesson. I always love teaching Alan ( weve heard hes an actual member of the Church) He now offers prayers in our lessons which is awesome! Also monday there was a Hermana in our District, Hermana O'Neill that finally got her Visa and headed out to the Spain MTC and so her companion, Hermana Sagapulo. Its very different being in a trio. Tuesday we had service at 6:15 again and later that day we had something called Member TRC where we pretty much teach a mini lesson/ spiritual though with a member and leave them with a commitment and we did that twice. The first guy reminded me of my granpa so it was really awesome, Love you Grandpa! and the 2nd guy seemed a little more hardcore though. but after our lesson we had a converstaion with us and the said " You guys got here 2 weeks ago, and you just held a 30 minute conversation with me in Spanish, Im so proud of you guys" So that was a really uplifting lesson. The we had a Devotional Where President Condie spoke at. Wednesday and thursday were basically Class, Class, and more class. I can Teach in spanish now without notes and its an amazing feeling.And it SNOWED YESTERDAY  Today we went to the temple, came back and did laundry... and someone stole my laundry bag which really irritated me because now i have no place to put clothes and also i had to walk all the way from the laudry room to the bedroom with a heaping pile of dirty clothes and people looking weird at me. and here i am writing this letter on the computer! I love you guys and miss you all so much! Things can be tough sometimes but i know ill always have Heavenly Fathers support and yalls support! I know that the Holy ghost and Faith can work miricales in life, especially here at the MTC. I came here a little over 2 weeks ago and was struggling with spanish. Now im able to teach a 30 minute lesson, without notes, a lesson that actually makes sense, and a lesson guided by the spirit in Spanish. The gift of tongues is real, but you have to work for it and put forth faith. At times its frustrating here, But i always get a reminder that im preparing myself for that 1 person or multiple persons waiting for me in Nicaragua to hear about this Gospel and to help them come unto Christ.  I love you all and im loving the Dear Elders & also the letters taht you guys are sending! it makes every day easier! LOve Y'all :)

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