Friday, October 31, 2014

Oh boy where do i start. the first day was SOO chaotic and so much information to take in. our instructors speak 0 english to us. Ive been so lost and confused O.O  tonight we teach our first "investigator" in spanish! crazyy. So fridays are my P-day so be prepared for my emails then! i can write and send letters throughout the week though! im the only person in my district who hasnt gotten any mail... so show me some lovee :( Mi district is awesome! and mi companero is pretty sweet! We consist of 3 elder companionships y uno hermana companionship! ill have to send a picture next week though. we meet the branch president last night and after interviewing everyone he called me back to meet with him and his counselor and guess what?! im the District Leader! alot more i have to do though to go along with studying spanish so yeah. lots of studying to do! Things are going good though, so much food its awesome. Everyone here is so awesome, its awesome! Language study is super hard. Youre immersed into it and theres nothing you can do about it. But its good that way because it makes you rely on faith and the Holy ghost to get through everything. I cant wait to be fluent its not even funny haha. I wish they had nap times too haha. were up and busy from 6:15 till about 11 at night. Mi companero Elder Robinson and another set of elders is going to the same mission as I so were the "Managua Crew"! I feel like this letters rambling all over the place but thats just how a missionarys mind is! we went to the temple today which was really awesome. I love the temple and the blessings it brings to out lives. Ill have to take more pictures this coming week if my camera battery comes in! I hope everyone is doing great! I hope yall love the pictures! Times Up! if you need info im in District 41 and mailbox #25! Hope yall like the pictures!

Despite all of the Chaos in the language here. I know that this is what im supposed to teach in. Its a challenge but its not a challenge i cant handle. I love you all and i love my savior and this Gospel. Yo se que Jesucristo es el salvador, que la iglesia y el Evangelio de Cristo es verdadero y amorso. Este testimonio ayuda me superar desafios y ayuda me tener esperanza y ser una buena persona. Te amo! -Elder Baltimore 

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