Sunday, January 31, 2016

January 4, 2016
Well this past week was a busy week.. We had our Christmas party on
Tuesday which was pretty fun. President Collado and a few other guests
drove down from Managua ( 1 1/2 day drive) and we had a decent party!
filled with food and activities. Then our dueno (landlord) told us
that we had to find a house now so the next day we were going all
around looking for a house but without success. So yeah that kinda
sucks. But this week we threw fire when we were actually in our area.
But yeah so we have this 1 one really awesome lady were teaching and
we brought her to church last Sunday and we passed by her later last
this week and she was crying because how strong she felt the spirit in
the church and for her need to repent change her life. It was a super
spiritual moment, moments that we `ray for everyone to have. As people
in this world, we all have things to repent from, but we really need
to act on repentance and not just think about it. humble ourselves and
change our lives. So we all know what we need to do this week. So lets
get to it!!! :)

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