Sunday, January 31, 2016

January 18, 2016
Well this week was another week full of coming home daily and just wanting to crash on the bed. Things are going good here. We've got some really cool people that we brought to church yesterday which was awesome! so this week were gonna try to help them to have baptismal dates here this week. Yesterday i was able to give a talk, which was good cause i just had a few bullets and i was really able to follow the spirit. i focused on repentance. and how repentance isn't just asking forgiveness. for example in John 8 it talks about the lady that was a fornicator and how she was brought to Christ and in the end of the discussion, Christ simply told her to Go, and sin no more. he never said she was forgiven, how could you be fully repented in a instant? how? if she had never had time to face the temptation again and overcome it? or if she was never able to go to the guys and ask forgiveness. Same with the robber on the Cross with Jesus? how could someone go and ask forgiveness and return the things that he had stolen if he was nailed on a cross? Repentance is a process that all of us need to start now because it lasts time.

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