Sunday, January 31, 2016

December 21
Well these past 2 weeks have been ups and downs. But things have
mainly been good. We've been finding a lot of new people in the area to
teach which is a little difficult for me cause I've been working in the
same area for the last 9ish months haha, everyone I've at least taught
like once or twice. But we found a cool little hidden area on the side
of a barrio where i don't like working because usually bad things
happen there ha ha. But we found some cool families and some super less
actives that had the priesthood and everything which we've started
working with them lately. this week we had a lot of success inviting
people to be baptized and we have alot of people who are preparing to
be baptized :D. We painted a lady's house too which was really cool. We
started doing doing an activity called noche de hermanamiento which is
like a weekly ward activity, and we had like 40 people come out which
was a good turnout! But things are the same, next week i hit 14 months
in the mission! But this week is Christmas as you all know! super
excited to skype the family!! and next week President Collado will be
coming down to have a Christmas party with us which will be pretty
fun! and I'm hoping they get my Christmas package in time to bring
down with them! this is going to be a fun week! Going around with a
semi purple thigh though that sucks, i was crossing a little stream
using 2 tree trunks that were by each other and my leg fell in between
all into the water and i flipped and twisted to save my backpack so it
didn't get soaked haha, but it was a funny experience! hope everyone is
having a great week! Take care! Merry Christmas from Puerto Cabezas!!

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