Friday, February 6, 2015

This week has been pretty awesome! My comp and I have been placing a good amount of baptismal dates and as of right now were having a baptism of 6 people the 14th of February! but were praying hard that things go well. I wanna know how everyone’s doing though! you can write me on and I’m starting to get the letters faster here which is great. But anyways here is awesome. The Nicaraguans care so much about us elders and our safety. We have a lot of really new and positive investigators too and our lessons are really spiritual. My comp and I are always trying to find ways to help them and bring them more unto Christ. This week we have stake conference which I’m eager to see how it is here. Church is pretty different but I like it. Anyways though I love being a missionary and teaching the gospel and helping others come unto Christ. I KNOW that this gospel is true. there’s no way I could teach either without the help of the holy ghost, it important to live according to the commandments to stay in tune with the Holy Ghost. Send me some emails! I love yall and pray that you have a good week!!

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